King Loverr

I need this guy to come out to the bar with me – anyone with a name like King Loverr has to have some insane game. And his mixtape backs it up – “Marites I Love You Lovey Dovey Snippets” is the title you can’t forget – a “romantic teaser to give romantic listeners of R&B an idea of what I have, and a taste of what is yet to come,” says the King.

The “King of Romance” continues, “My sound is smooth, romantic, my deep voice is very rare, but specifically made for ‘Quiet Storm Radio’ ballads. I am the King of Romance, and the ‘King Of Quiet Storm Music.’ Keep an eye out – Loverr is looking for a new record deal as we speak. Read on for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: King Loverr (PEV): You have been called “The King of Romance” - so with that, how would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others?

King Loverr (KL): My sound is smooth, romantic, my deep voice is very rare, but specifically made for "Quiet Storm Radio" ballads is my specialty.  I am the King of Romance, and the "King Of Quiet Storm Music".

PEV: What kind of music where you into growing up? Was anyone your main influence?

KL: Growing up I was very heavily influenced by R&B singers like "Jodeci, Keith Washington, Shai, Al B. Sure and Tevin Campbell you know just to name a few.  Alos one of my favorite things as a child growing up in the 90's was listening to the "Quiet Storm" late at night because I was always into romantic dreamy love ballads.

PEV: What was it like for you when you first started out in the music business and trying to make a name for yourself? Any “war stories” from those early years?

KL:  Well it's been quiet a ride from being an unknown to now having my name show up with pages and pages of results on any search engine I'm everywhere. I spent countless hours over the years just uploading my music to numerous websites to be more specific since 2007. While many people my age over the years were partying, or having fun all I wanted to do is be a internet superstar and have my own claim to fame.  Everything of mine on the internet I done myself, and released myself. I remember there was a time in my life when I asked people who are much ahead of me in the music business you know people who were even more successful than I am to help me but they didn't so I took it upon myself to make a name for myself, and that is when I started having success, and that's why I appreciate everything I have because I have rightfully earned it.  

PEV: Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself – “I am really onto something!”?

KL:  When I made my first music sale on the internet back in 2008 I knew that music was definitely the right career for me, and that I could succeed at it.

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do get your best ideas for songs?

KL:  Passion, love, emotions, and romance.

PEV: Tell us about your latest release - what can fans expect from this work?

KL:  My latest release is a mixtape called "Marites I Love You Lovey Dovey Snippets" it's a romantic teaser as always to give romantic listeners of R&B an idea of what I have, and a taste of what is yet to come.

PEV: Do you ever find yourself getting writer’s block and if so, how do you get over that?

KL: Sometimes I do but but when situations like that occur what I do is I just write piece by piece my philosophy is if you gradually put piece by piece together eventually you will complete the puzzle.  In reality the best things in life are things which are carefully put together because I also believe anything that is being done should be done right.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about King Loverr?

KL: I'm the biggest daydreamer in the world.

PEV: Was there a certain point in your life when you knew that music was going to be a career for you?

KL:  When I heard about a singer name "Will Downing" I felt more encouraged to sing because I had a role model.  I have been compared to him numerous times but the difference between him and I is that my voice is a little deeper.  But when I heard him sing I realize he is the only deep voice singer in R&B today which gave me hope because in today R&B tenors rule.

PEV: What one word best describes King Loverr?

KL:  Passionate.

PEV: Is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

KL:  Well I love to perform in Japan, or maybe China.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career? What’s it like when you get to play at your hometown?

KL:  My family is very supportive of my career.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

KL: I love to be on Facebook, I like to study the zodiac signs, and I like to read as well.

PEV:  Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

KL:  Amanda Pollard. Check it out.

PEV: If you weren’t playing music now what do you think you would be doing as your career?

KL:  Honestly maybe a career in law I would love to be a judge because I like to analyze, define, and make judgment by solving everyday problems.

PEV: So, what is next for King Loverr?

KL:  Right now I am trying to get record deal

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