While speaking with the latest PEV feature, Javaid, we couldn't help but feel the passion and drive from the genre smashing artist; speak with him yourself, and you'll see just how hard it is to disagree with his future projections: nothing but artistic respect and success. Add the fact that he's working with one of PEV's favorites, Rock Ridge Music, and there's no doubt the Tom’s River, New Jersey native is bound for big, big things.

Need more proof? Check out the debut record, “Supersonic Heart Songs". The collection was crafted with Grammy nominee Jimmy Greco, and Javaid says to expect "a real, relatable and all around fun album to rock out and sing to with some slow songs with a lot of emotion to fun party/club tracks to jive to." I mentioned before, that Javaid is a bit of a genre smasher - I'll let him explain further: "What I usually tell people when they ask that question is that my music is pop but with some acoustic undertones. I tell them to try and picture what it would sound like if Justin Timberlake and John Mayer infused." Not a bad combo, eh? Check out Javaid and "Supersonic Heart Songs". There's much more to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ's.

XXQs: Javaid (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others?

Javaid:  What I usually tell people when they ask that question is that my music is pop but with some acoustic undertones.  I tell them to try and picture what it would sound like if Justin Timberlake and John Mayer infused.  Honestly the reason why I feel I stand out (I mean this in the most humble manner) is because I have it all there…the look, the music, the sound, the voice, and the absolute passion that drives the creativity behind my music.  Also I have a lot of fun on stage and can rock a sweet show.

PEV: Hailing from Tom’s River, New Jersey, what kind of music where you into growing up? Was anyone your main influence?

Javaid:  Hmm…well I really listened to (and still do) a melting pot of music.  Everything from hardcore screamo to rap to easy listening.  I was never one to discredit any kind of music as long as it spoke to me in some way or another.  My favorite band back then was probably Green day if I remember correctly.  My main influence today I’d say would have to be a combo of a lot of different bands, but primarily Max Bemis from Say Anything…the guy is a lyrical genius.

PEV: What was it like for you when you first started out in the music business and trying to make a name for yourself? Any “war stories” from those early years?

Javaid:  Haha honestly the entire thing is a war story, especially being in this industry today.  It’s a constant push and pull for a couple of inches, but it’s the drive and the consistency that gets me there.  When I first started out I was very naïve and wanting to jump and sign any piece of paper that was thrown in front of me (which I did on numerous occasions) but through the blood, sweat, and tears, I’ve learned a lot.  I was taken advantage a couple times and then I would have a deadbeat “manager” who spent 6 months trying to convince me that he was important and in the industry and in actuality had no pull whatsoever.  I signed a marketing contract and sought out investors for a program and it basically went to waste because the people behind it were completely incompetent, but through it all I have become very music business savvy which I feel will certainly benefit me.

PEV: Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself – “I am really onto something!”?

Javaid:  I’ve had a couple of “a-ha!” moments throughout the years, but it was back in ninth grade when a couple of my friends were trying out for the school “Jam Session” and I said to my buddy Bill that we should create a song and perform, which at the time was nerve wracking!  We put together a sweet pop/hip-hop type song called “Split Personality” and rocked it on stage blowing away a lot of people.  Just seeing the positive reaction gave me that “I can do this and do it well” and I’ve been honing my craft ever since.

PEV: With that, what can fans expect from a live Javaid performance?

Javaid:  Well from everyone who has ever seen me live will always say that it is an extremely thrilling and enticing experience.  People say my live music hypnotizes them and its just so real, passionate, and then exciting and energetic at the same time.  Of course it depends on the set and the type of songs, but it is always a good, fun time with a lot of positive energy and a happy fans.  I truly give it my all and “live” every song that I sing on stage and portray my emotion to the fullest, so its always nice to hear such positive feedback and have people feel the music and relate to me while I’m on stage…it’s a rush.

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

Javaid:  What’s weird about me is that I can “flip the switch” and go into business mode at the drop of a dime.  When I have a show, I take it seriously and I take my music seriously and treat it like my career so I will make sure everything is set, will have a great attitude and before I know it, I’m in front of a mic rocking out and it almost takes me by surprise.  So I guess in short, nothing really goes through my head, I am clear headed and ready to start rocking out and then I go ahead and do just that.


PEV: Any preshow rituals before you take the stage or do you just wing it?

Javaid:  Well its kind of funny but last-minute before I go on stage I gurgle some water and hum a high pitch sound while doing it.  I used to do it while recording when my voice started to get dry and I had good results and it just kind of stuck…so now I tend to do it right before I start and it works for me!

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do get your best ideas for songs?

Javaid:  The underlying inspiration for my music, and what is for the some of the best artists out there, is personal experience.  Every trial, hardship, pain, happy and sad time that I have gone through has really given me the creative fuel to splash all of my emotions on paper and relate it to song.  Usually I get the best ideas for my songs when I am nowhere near a pen or a computer so I end up having to record the idea on my iPhone and hum it while looking like a fool in public haha.  I literally have 50 voice memos on my phone of song ideas.

PEV: Tell us about your exciting 11-song debut album “Supersonic Heart Songs” - what can fans expect from this work?

Javaid:  Well I’m very excited about it and I can’t wait to get some serious fan feedback.  I did this album with Grammy nominated Jimmy Greco (beyonce, J.Lo, Santana) which really gave life to the ideas that I had and helped mold it into a competitive sounding album for the pop world.  Fans can expect a real, relatable and all around fun album to rock out and sing to with some slow songs with a lot of emotion to fun party/club tracks to jive to.

PEV: Do you ever find yourself getting writer’s block and if so, how do you get over that?

Javaid:  I’d say I have writers block when I try to force an idea or force a song that isn’t ready to be developed yet.  Usually when I have an idea and a song epiphany runs through my head and makes it to my voice memo, the lyrics and idea sort of write themselves.  I’d say sometimes if I focus too much on the words, then it throws the balance off and makes matching the music tough.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about Javaid?

Javaid:  Well one hidden talent that only a select few know about is my ability to freestyle rap, and do it well!  I like to throw it out there and catch people off guard sometimes.  Sometimes on long car rides I will just freestyle over songs on the radio to pass the time haha.

PEV: Was there a certain point in your life when you knew you wanted one day for music was going to be a career for you?

Javaid:  Well I believe it was in high school when I ended up recording a song with a producer that my uncle knew through family and I seemed to be a natural in the booth and I was given some heavy praise from him.  He said that I had what it takes to succeed as long as I stuck with it…it was that point that I decided, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I will do whatever it takes to get to that point.  (Anything in short of streaking naked on national TV…well maybe that…I’m kidding.)

PEV: What one word best describes Javaid?

Javaid: Passionate

PEV: How is life on the road for you in the music world? Best and worst parts?

Javaid:  Well it really depends on where the venue is and what kind of set I’m going to be doing, whether its my full album, or an acoustic set, etc.  The worst part hands down is having my friends there with me and they are all having drinks and what not and I can’t have any because it will ruin my voice for the show.  Also I don’t like not having at least a little something to eat before the show…I tend to get pretty hungry pre-show.  The best part are those times knowing that all the prep and everything is taken care of, and I can just focus on being the artist and having a rocking set.

PEV: Is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

Javaid:  Well I always am envious when I hear of people having some great shows in Europe…for some reason that just seems so appealing to me….I can’t wait to get there to find out what its like

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career? What’s it like when you get to play at your hometown?

Javaid:  My friends and family have always known me to be creative and I’ve been working with music for so long, so every new revelation and progression in my career has made them excited, supportive and happy, but not in an “I can’t believe it!” sort of way.  It’s fun to play hometown gigs, but that term alone is kind of crazy because I’ve been relatively nomadic all my life…so for conversation’s sake, we’ll call hometown Toms River.  I recently played a show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park and that was a lot of fun.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

Javaid:  Believe it or not I am a huge video game person.  I love just relaxing and cracking out to video games once in a while…I guess it’s a good way to turn off my always running brain and just veg out.

PEV:  Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

Javaid:  Sure is… Javaid!

PEV: If you weren’t playing music now what do you think you would be doing as your career?

Javaid:  Acting maybe?  Hard to say without being there….I love music so I’m incredibly focused on it.

PEV: So, what is next for Javaid?

Javaid: Well I’m currently seeking label/management representation to take everything to the next level and I just began working with RockRidge Music to make that happen, so stay tuned and keep a strong ear out for Javaid!  Thanks for the questions guys!

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