Divided Seasons

Rock squad Divided Seasons knows it takes more than some shredding guitars to grab their audience. It takes a message, thought provoking lyrics that guide a listener somewhere they couldn't reach before. Its the reason why the guys behind Divided Seasons enjoy the song writing process as much as they do. They know just how important it is.
They get into the sound behind these songs (available on their new self-titled EP) right here: "All of our songs, no matter what the meaning or message is, all have one thing in common: emotion. We always want to draw a feeling out of our listeners. Whatever’s happening in your life, whether you’re happy, sad, excited, or lost, we want to have a song that speaks to you. If your songs can touch a person like that, then you’ve transcended genres and labels and anyone can appreciate your music." Good stuff. Check out the EP and prepare for the new complete record - it'll be available soon. There's a lot more to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ's.

XXQs: Divided Seasons

PensEyeView.com (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?

All of our songs, no matter what the meaning or message is, all have one thing in common: emotion. We always want to draw a feeling out of our listeners. Whatever’s happening in your life, whether you’re happy, sad, excited, or lost, we want to have a song that speaks to you. If your songs can touch a person like that, then you’ve transcended genres and labels and anyone can appreciate your music.

PEV:  Tell us how you developed your musical journey, to where you are now.

The band went through a lot of different incarnations before arriving to the current members and sound we have now. Once we reached our current line-up though, we knew we had something special that we could really push and take this as far as we wanted to. It sounds like a cliché until you’ve experienced it, but all of us just clicked so well with each other in every way on a personal and musical level and we all shared an equal drive to succeed. When you’ve got five guys working together towards a common goal, it can be a pretty powerful force and results will  happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Divided Seasons show?

It’s all about visual meeting musical. We want the crowd to feel exactly what we’re feeling on stage. The lights, the thump of the bass drum in your chest, the excitement running through you when you feel what those first few seconds of that song is leading up to. That’s what the live experience is all about.

PEV:  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you write a song?

The best part about writing music is that feeling you get when you know you’re working on something that’s going to be really special. You kind of sit back from it and play it in your head and you can usually judge how good it’s going to be by how hard it is to keep from smiling. Sometimes you hit a rut and it’s hard to press through and it’s not always a fun process, but when you’re onstage and see someone in the crowd singing the words to a song you wrote late at night on an acoustic guitar and scribbling lyrics on whatever piece of paper is laying around, it’s the most amazing feeling of accomplishment.

PEV:  What is your creative process like?

There really is no set formula, sometimes you hear something in your head and just go for it. Other times a guitar riff just comes out of nowhere. Sometimes there’s lyrics first and other times a whole song is put together before the first word makes it out of your mouth. But that’s the great thing about it, it’s always different so it kind of fights off the chance of becoming stale with the whole process.

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for you?

We all just love music so much that listening to it sort of naturally evolved into wanting to create it. Anything that’s going on in our lives we automatically start looking for a song to attach to that moment or feeling. So it’s really like a give and receive process for us. We get so much out of music and we just try to give the world something back equally.

PEV: Thinking back to when you first started out, do you ever look back at your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve arrived where you are today?

Yes, definitely! Divided Seasons is pretty much all of our members first band, so none of us had anymore insight than the other about how the music business works. Looking back over the years it’s funny to think of how there was a little bit of a naivety we had about certain things. But there was also a definite hunger in all of us to move up the ladder and make this band into something relevant. That same hunger is still around and it’s a big part of why we are where we are and why we’ve stuck it out together for so long and developed such a loyalty to one another and to all our fans.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about you?

We have a hugely diverse range of music we listen to. We even do a rock cover of “Midnight in Montgomery” by Alan Jackson.

PEV:  Was there a certain point in your life when you knew that music was going to be a career for you?

There probably wasn’t a defining moment, just a gradual process that led up to where we are today. And now we couldn’t picture ourselves doing anything else.

PEV: What one word best describes Divided Seasons?


PEV:  How is life for you in the music world? Best and worst parts?

It’s got its ups and downs just like anything else that’s for sure. One of the worst parts is if you have a bad show, you couldn’t hear yourself or you hit some bad notes. Those little things can play a mental thing on you and affect you for the rest of the night. But those moments are few and far between and the good things are always around, like hearing your songs breathed to life on a recording or playing a phenomenal show where the band and crowd are just feeling it, playing off each other pretty much. Those are the moments when you know you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing and you’re right where you belong.

PEV: Is there one area you wish you could travel around and play?

We’ve yet to play L.A. and will definitely be stoked when the chance comes up. It’s just got such a storied history to it for rock bands.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career?

Overwhelmingly positive, once they saw we were more about the music and succeeding rather than letting the usual roadblocks for a band take the focus away from what we are trying to accomplish. But the best inspiration you can get sometimes is to have someone tell you, “You can’t make it in music, look at the odds. Get your priorities straight cuz it ain’t gonna happen”. Those comments can be way more effective at making progress than a pat on the back.

PEV: What’s it like when you get to play in your hometown?

Great. Lots of familiar faces, storytelling, reminiscing, and you always get a little hint that they’re really genuinely proud of what you’re accomplishing.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time?

We’re usually hanging out with each other. We might go a couple of days without much going on after some shows, but pretty soon you’re calling up the other guys to see what’s going on.

PEV:  Name one present and past artist or group that would be your dream collaboration? Why?

Present: Deftones. Have you heard “White Pony”?? Past artist…hmm let’s go with Guns N’ Roses circa 1987 with the original line-up. Loud, aggressive, and no where to go but up… and they went there.

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

We just recently played a show with another Alabama-based modern rock band called Shallow Side and their showmanship and presence onstage is amazing. They play rock music like it’s suppose to be played.

PEV:  If you weren’t playing music now what do you think would be your career?

Not an option. If we weren’t in this band we’d be playing in another one. Kyle would be making porn!

PEV: So, what is next for you?

Our Self-titled EP just went live on all the major online mp3 retailers like iTunes, Amazon, and a number of others and we’ve got the CD coming next month. We’re now scheduling tour dates so let us know where we’re in demand! Exciting times in the DS camp.

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